Linux Services

Along with sharing our experience with you through our technical articles, weekly posts, and tutorials; We surely provide some Linux services for persons, small and medium size companies to help them growing their experiences and business.

We provide our services in the following IT sections:

1.IT Infrastructure

  We creates all the tools needed for a professional IT infrastructure for  small and medium size business volume for our customers, we provide a professional business environment including the hardware selection and installation:

  • Hardware and software Firewalls

Provide our customers with the suitable firewall to protect their business from external attacks and to control and monitor the internal traffic and bandwidth utilization inside the company. Depending on the size of your company and your budget we select and install the most efficient firewall to protect your business.

  • Servers ,POWER Processor based servers,

We select and set-up your servers depending on your business needs, we set-up and install the Basic Linux and Windows servers for your Business, the installation includes all required services for your business, Not only installation but also we maintain the whole performance of the system. We strongly recommend set-up the basic services on a Linux based server for it’s performance, low installation costs, and low licenses costs “if exists”. Selection of servers based on the company size and the expected workload for each server, Base on that we select either Power Systems which delivers a high performance for high workloads, or lower specifications servers for normal workload.

  • Virtualization

Virtualization allows you to run multiple applications and operating systems independently on a single server. Additionally, administrators can quickly move workloads from one virtual machine to another – easily prioritizing business needs while maximizing server’s resources. This technology saves your money be decreasing the number of hardware needed, also it uses a small area. We use open sources types of virtualization technology with a high efficiency and low costs.

  • Network Equipment

Selecting and configuring the suitable switches, routers, and network devices for your business to deliver the maximum performance and removing any network bottleneck.

  • Data Storage and Backups

  We can set-up storage solution systems with low cost in comparison with the commercial solutions, also we set-up and maintain a backup systems based on open source solutions which gives a high and reliable Backup Systems for your Data.

  • Centralized authentication

We set-up a centralized authentication servers to keep authentication on one place with a good backup system to remove the single point of failure. This system improves the total security of your business by forcing employees to set-up a strong passwords for their accounts.

  • Workstation & Notebooks

We provide all the technical support needed to select the suitable equipment for your business, to give you the expected performance.

Hardware selections offered by MimasTech:

Network Equipment
Data storage systems
Backup devices

2.Web Hosting

We capable of selecting and manage the hosting of your website and mail, we select the best package for your business type and size.
We assure you that your business website will be 100% up ,and protected from malicious attacks. We can manage hosting of websites created in many languages “Php, Java, ROR, etc..”. We also have the ability to configure your hosting servers for  huge number of visitors, and page views.

3.Technical Support

We have a huge experience in IT technical support services as our teams faced and solved many big and small issues in the IT field. We always seek for a strong long-term customer relationships. Our main focus is to be your first choice.
If you face any issue in the IT field we will respond and solve it in a short time to keep your business always up.