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Our free online tool that allows you to easily detect charset/encoding of text files. Knowing files charset/encoding will solve many problems related to reading/displaying those files correctly. For example, knowing the charset of a subtitle file is required by many multimedia players to correctly display your subtitle in a readable format.

This is what the Character Set Detectors are for: detect the charset/encoding for a text files for other programs to read/display it correctly.


Feel Free to check our Charset Converter Tool.


Nowadays, We see many programs that can not determine the charset of text files, hence come the importance of this tool.

If you faced any issue with this tool, please contact us, and give us your subtitle file name.


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How to Use This Tool

  1. Select the original text file with size less than 10 MB with the “Browse…” button.
  2. Press the “Detect!” button.
  3. Your text file charset will appear at the page bottom, enjoy using it with your programs!
CharSet Detector
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